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Analog/Mixed-Signal Optimization Tools Get Up To 10X Speed Bump

The latest versions of Analog Design Automation's optimization tools for analog, mixed-signal, and custom ICs are five to 10 times faster than previous versions. The speed gain is due to improved algorithms and more streamlined processes for simulating across environmental and process corners.

The tools address the needs of designers who may not necessarily be working in purely analog circuits but still require analog design techniques. According to Amit Gupta, vice president of marketing and business development at ADA, Creative Genius v2.1 and IP Explorer v2.1 can aid even digital designers looking to tweak circuits at the transistor level to optimize power, speed, and/or area.

With Creative Genius, users can optimize up to 200 devices across 60 environmental and manufacturing variations with over 30 performance goals. IP Explorer takes the results of those optimizations and permits performance tradeoff explorations. "Designers no longer want to optimize and view a single topology, but want to compare and contrast multiple topologies," says Gupta.

The tools work with most popular Spice engines, including Cadence's SPECCTRA, Mentor Graphics' Eldo, and Synopsys' HSpice. Results from the optimization engine in Creative Genius are returned dynamically as the engine runs. Then, in IP Explorer, the designer can correct and steer Creative Genius' optimizations in an interactive loop. Creative Genius can optimize specifications of interest to the designer's liking. It can then move on to optimization of secondary specifications if desired.

Creative Genius v2.1 and IP Explorer v2.1 are both available now. Pricing starts at $77,000.

Analog Design Automation Inc.

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