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Analyzer Modules Allow Testing Of 40-Gb/s Optical Networks

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Touted as the industry's first solution for testing 40-Gb/s optical networks, this pair of optical modules enables the company's communications signal analyzer to perform tests on optical components and network elements designed to meet emerging OC-768 and STM-256 standards. The two modules include the 40-GHz 80C05 and 50-GHz 80C06 models. The 80C05 optical sampling module offers selectable bandwidths of 40, 30 and 20 GHz and 9.953 Gb/s, letting users choose the optimal noise vs. bandwidth performance for characterizing signals.
The 80C06 module delivers an optical bandwidth of 50 GHz to meet the challenges of performing 40-Gb/s telecomm signal analysis. Both modules are said to exhibit exceptional impulse and step response, ensuring minimal aberrations and signal distortion when acquiring 40 Gb/s signals. The modules can be used with the company's CSA8000 communications signal analyzers or TDS8000 Series digital sampling oscilloscopes.

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