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Analyzer Performs Five Electrical Safety Tests

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Designed for production testing of medical electronic products and instruments, the Guardian 6100 Production Safety Analyzer performs five essential electrical safety tests: ac hipot, dc hipot, insulation resistance, ground-bond, and line/earth- leakage testing in accordance with UL, CSA and IEC standards such as UL2601-1, UL1563, UL1950 and UL544. Without changing the connection to the device under test, the Guardian 6100 performs production testing of single-phase products using less than 10A, eliminating the need for multiple test stations and the reconnection of cables. The instrument performs ac hipot tests from 50V to 5000V, dc hipot tests from 50V to 6000V, insulation-resistance measurements in a range of 10 kiloohms to 50 Gigaohms, ground-bond testing to 30A, and line/earth-leakage measurements from 0.1 µA to 9.999 mA. Any combination of these five tests, up to a total of 10, can be run automatically in sequence from a single start command. An overall GO/NO GO indication is provided based on programmed limits and failed measurement results are clearly indicated.

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