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Analyzer Specializes In Testing Inductors And Coils

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Among the features touted for the Model 1910 inductance analyzer are 0.1% measurement accuracy, dc resistance measurements and sequential testing capabilities-- the tester can run up to six different tests in sequence. Designed specifically for production testing of inductors and coils, the analyzer provides over 27,000 user-programmable test frequencies for inductance measurements up to 1 MHz.
And besides inductance (L) and dc resistance (DCR), Model 1910 can also measure capacitance (C), ac resistance (R), dissipation factor (D), quality factor (Q), impedance (Z), and phase angle. And the unit's internal dc bias current source of 0 to 1A allows components to be tested under real operating conditions-- the current source is expandable to 100A when the 1910 is used with other equipment from the company. The analyzer also includes IEEE-488, RS-232 and handler interfaces, load correction, programmable source impedance, and a built-in automatic calibration procedure. It can also store setups. Model 1910 costs $4995 (includes NIST traceable calibration certificate).

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