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Antennas Handle Passive Keyless Entry Systems In Autos

A wide ranging family of emitter antennas for passive keyless entry systems includes low- and high-frequency devices that allow designers to reduce power consumption. The antennas target systems that lock the car when the owner walks away, unlocks it when the owner approaches, and starts the car at the push of a button, without the need for an ignition key. The company offers three kinds of emitter antennas to cover any market. The KGEA-WT series consists of a ferrite winding and capacitor with heat shrink tube. It is intended to be protected by the final customer’s assembly. The KGEA-BFC series places the ferrite winding and capacitor inside a plastic box (fully potted) with or without an external connector. In the KGEA-DH, IA, and BA series, the ferrite winding and capacitor are over-molded and they have a built-in connector. Several combinations of inductance and capacitor values are offered as standard versions. Other combinations and even fully customized designs are possible. PREMO GROUP, Barcelona, Spain. +34 951 231 320.



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