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Any Frequency to 250MHz in 10 days or Less!

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With the introduction of JITO®-2 (Just-in-Time Oscillators®), Fox Electronics has once again redefined the lead time to obtain standard or custom oscillators --now up to 250 MHz-- from the industry-standard 10 weeks to 10 business days or less! The JITO“-2 program enables you to specify the exact frequency (from 340 kHz to 250 MHz), package (SMD, 8- or 14-pin DIP), supply voltage (3.3 or 5V), stability (25-100 PPM), and temperature range you need. Fox can ship evaluation units within 48 hours and full production runs within 10 business days.

By reducing lead times by up to 90%, Fox has revolutionized just-in-time and build-to-order manufacturing, solving the engineer’s, buyer’s and production manager’s most pressing frequency control problems at once.

Fox also offers a full range of standard oscillators, TCXOs and VCXOs featuring tight frequency stability.

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