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App Predicts Signals In µWave And Optoelectronic Circuits

MMICAD WAVEFORM time-domain, transient-analysis simulator allows the prediction of waveforms in fast, non-linear circuits where accurate S-parameter data can be imported and used in the simulation. The application can import S and Y parameters for passive networks with up to 19 ports, allowing the use of electromagnetic simulators to predict the transfer response for the passive circuitry external to an MMIC.Waveforms of the type encountered in microwave and optical communications can be used to control voltage and current sources. Advanced GaAs FET and HEMT models have also been included such as EEHEMT1, TOM3, and the SPICE diode.Another feature of the software is the ability to determine whether a circuit will oscillate without having to inject signals. The application runs under Windows 95/98 and NT 4.


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