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ARB Provides Unlimited Range Of Waveforms

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Claiming to deliver a virtually unlimited range of waveforms, the Model 3102 arbitrary waveform generator (ARB) produces sine, damped sine, square, and triangle waves, voltage ramps, noise, and arbitrary waveforms of any shape. The instrument's dual channels can be programmed individually and each channel includes a front-panel TTL-level trigger output that can be used to synchronize external circuits or instruments to the start of waveforms.
Frequency range is 1 µHz to 31 MHz with a resolution of 0.01 µHz for sine and square waves, 1 µHz to 2 MHz with 0.01 µHz resolution for ramp and triangle waves, and 1 µHz to 10 MHz with a 64-bit resolution for noise. Waveform amplitude is adjustable from 50 mV to 10 Vp-p into a 50 ohm load and output can be floated up to 40V above ground. Other features include a dc offset adjustment control, an RS-232 interface, Windows-based software, and an optional GPIB interface. Price is $3,695.

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