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ARM-Based ASICs Accept RAM, Eye Telecomm Apps

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Quick implementation of W-LANs, cable modems, xDSL, and other telecomm applications is the promise of µPLAT, an ASIC platform that offers a pre-verified ARM processor and peripherals sub-system and that can also be combined with embedded DRAM. With µPLAT, telecomm OEMs can reportedly develop custom ICs in up to 50% less time than with conventional ASICs. The platform also incorporates ARM's Advance High Performance Bus (AHB).
Based on silicon logic, software/middleware and hardware support platforms, µPLAT is a framework for developing systems-on-a-chip. The silicon platform consists of a 32-bit RISC ARM CPU core running typically at 110 MHz, an AHB interface, 8 KB of unified cache, an external memory controller, and functions for timer, interrupt controller, and serial I/O. Software/middleware service routines ported to the platform, such as device drivers and power management software, are all supported by the firm. And the hardware support platform provides the user with an ARM-compliant software development toolkit.

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