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ARM Software Development Toolkit Gets Face Lift

Version 2.51 of the company's ARM software development toolkit, CCE-SDT, for the ARM family of microprocessors and cores features some major changes. The important new features include improved support for debug of optimized code, instruction scheduling compilers, reduced debug data size, new supported ARM processors, and a new source-level debugger, capable of remote debugging with JEEN and able to accept DWARF 1 and DWARF 2 debug images. The CCE-SDT software toolkits are said to provide a complete development solution for embedded applications using ARM-based processors and SOCs. To provide this functionality, the toolkit includes, C/C++ compilers, assemblers and linkers for ARM and Thumb instruction sets, an integrated development environment, an ARM project manager, a full source-level debugger, an instruction set simulator, and a ROM-based debug monitor.

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