ARM Thin-Client Display Takes On Rugged Military Apps

ARM Thin-Client Display Takes On Rugged Military Apps

Equipped with a 10.4-in. XGA active matrix liquid-crystal display (AMLCD), IEE Inc.’s latest XGA thin-client display can be custom-tailored to meet requirements for harsh military environments. The display features the company’s dual-mode backlight system, which supports variable reading modes from a high bright mode of 600 cd/m2 to night-vision image-sensor (NVIS) lighting for dark environments. Use of specialized surface treatments and optically clear bonding optimizes contrast ratio. The display comes with either a high-resolution, five-wire resistive touchscreen that’s optically bonded to the LCD, or a 16-pushbutton bezel—eight on each side (both interfaces can be integrated into one unit, too, depending on the display’s intended use). The ARM processor has both I and D caches of 32 kbytes each (plus a 128-kbyte L2 cache), enabling simultaneous instruction and data fetching. There’s also a 512-Mbyte internal memory of 16-bit-wide DDR3-800 SDRAM and 512 Mbytes of 8-bit-wide SLC NAND flash. Its lightweight aluminum housing measures 7.8 by 11.6 by 3.0 in.


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