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Arrays Pack 1.5 Million Gates, 416 Kb Memory

Supporting gate arrays of up to 1.5 million logic gates and up to 416 Kb of embedded memory, CX3000 technology can integrate up 12,000 to 13,000 gates per mm2, which is said to be about 20% greater than most comparable standard cell solutions. The CX3000 family offers power consumption of 0.1µW/MHz/gate with SRAM speeds of 290 MHz at 3.3V. CX3000 technology also supports 3.3V, 5V or mixed voltage I/O and 5V I/O tolerance at 3.3V core operation. A feature enables powering the device with a single 5V supply. The CX3001 laser programmable gate array (LPGA) fast-turn prototypes are available in one-day using firm's QuICk laser micro-machining system that employs a disconnect methodology to remove all unneeded metal interconnect links from a generic, fully connected device, leaving only the required ASIC interconnect pattern.

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