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Audio Meter DMM Ups Source Stimulus Output Levels

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By providing higher output levels of the sources stimulus of harmonic distortion measurement equipment, Model 2016 Total Harmonic Distortion-Multimeter helps telecomm production audio test market to conform to new EIA-TIA/ISI137A requirements for phone testing. The programmable instrument makes distortion, voltage, resistance, current and frequency measurements, all in a compact, half-rack design. Its distortion measurement capabilities include THD+Noise, signal-to-noise plus distortion, and individual harmonic magnitude measurements. The unit contains an audio band sine wave source for generation of a fundamental stimulus, making it appropriate for conducting proper testing on all dual and tri-mode phone products, including CDMA and GSM. The unit has a user-selectable voltage range of 100 mV, 1V, 10V, 100V, and 750V.

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