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Automated Volt Maintenance System Makes Its Debut

The 7000 Series volt maintenance system is said to bring precision dc voltage metrology within the reach of more commercial and institutional calibration laboratories. The heart of the system is a zener-diode-based, 10V reference module that can achieve a stability of better than 1 ppm/year. By configuring up to 10 reference modules into the system chassis, users can create statistical references in which the outputs are averaged to produce a drift rate predictable to ±0.15 ppm/year, a noise level of less than 0.015 ppm, and a temperature coefficient of less than 0.02 ppm/°C. The system chassis has an integral digital null detector that performs inter-comparisons between individual reference module outputs and the average output or between the average output and an external 10V reference source. Linked to a PC running the company's 7050 software, all measurements can be automated. Pricing for the system starts at $4,999 and the 10V reference module is $3,295.

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