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Autorouter Eases Packaging Design

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In the Encore IC package design tool, an Interconnect Compiler module combines a single-layer autorouter with automatic net-assignment capabilities to provide an automatic routing solution for single-chip IC packages. The autorouter is said to provide maximum density on a single routing layer, which is a key requirement for package design. It accomplishes this through the router's ability to route traces at any angle, which provides much denser routing patterns.The tool is effective for both wire bonding and flip-chip applications in a variety of package styles, including BGAs and chip-scale packages. Bond finger locations or bump-escape patterms from the die are created in the Encore environment. Then the Interconnect Compiler module provides automatic routing from the bond fingers or bump pattern to the package vias or ball pads. The Interconnect Compiler option is available now for use with Encore BGA version 1.4.

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