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Backbone Switch Delivers Fast Ethernet Ring Connections

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Claimed to be the first backbone switch to provide fast, fail-safe connections between industrial Ethernet rings, the MACH 3000 series connects an IT infrastructure or backbone to Ethernet and Fast Ethernet industrial networks. The device has a switching bandwidth of 40 Gb/s and supports up to 40 Gigabit-Ethernet connections or up to 160 Fast-Ethernet ports. Operation is on layer 2 and layer 3+. Users can add additional layer 3+ functions at a later date as well as wire-speed IP switching and other security functions, such as a firewall or extended diagnostic aids. Two models in the series are available. The MACH 3002 with two plug-in channels has a 16-Gb/s response and accepts up to 64 Fast Ethernet ports or up to 16 Gigabit-Ethernet ports. The MACH 3005 with five plug-in channels has a 40 Gb/s response and accepts up to 160 Fast-Ethernet or up to 40 Gigabit-Ethernet ports.

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