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Backplane Handles Technically Demanding Duties

The dimmPCI 3U backplane is said to form a versatile foundation for rapid development for a wide variety of technically demanding applications. It conforms to the proposed dimm PCI standard and may be used with a complementary array of dimmPCI modules. The backplane has four slots for expansion modules and of the four slots, three are dimmPCI slots and one is a standard 3V PCI slot. The dimmPCI slots support a variety of expansion cards. The modules include a range of CPU modules with different microprocessor architectures and performance; COMM modules to support Ethernet 10/100 BaseT, CAN, DeviceNet, Modbus and other RS-232 and RS-485 based serial protocols; DAIO modules to support digital and analog I/O; and a power supply module. The standard PCI slot supports any 3V, 32-bit PCI expansion card.

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