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Backward-Curved Fans Offer High Airflow And Pressure

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Available in a variety of configurations, this new line of backward-curved-impeller, variable-speed cooling fans is said to deliver high airflow rates and high pressure simultaneously. The compact cooling fans generate airflows ranging from 500 to 1,500 cubic meters/hr. and are targeted at applications such as closet cooling, cooling racks and thermal exchangers.
Brushless dc versions of the fans feature integrated electronic control and use from 40W to 170W of power. Motor and driver efficiency of these models is claimed to exceed 90%. IP 44 protection is available as an option for the dc fans.
The ac versions of the backward curved fans operate at 115V/60 Hz or 220V/50 Hz. They draw from 31W to 256W of power and can operate over temperatures ranging from -50°C to +65°C. They also come standard with IP 54 protection.

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