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Banana Plug And Jack Feature Secure, Safe Wire Connections

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New In-Line Banana Plug Model 6383 and In-Line Banana Jack Model 6384 are designed for making secure wire connections and to facilitate safe handling with test leads in various applications. The new plugs and jacks are compatible with most standard (4 mm) shrouded banana plugs and jacks and attach easily onto any stranded wire from 18 to 22 AWG using common tooling. Once assembled, the plug provides an easy-to-handle grip while providing voltage protection for the user. Suitable for use with insulated wire from 0.060" to 0.150" in diameter, the Model 6383 and 6384 feature an over-voltage rating of CAT II 300V and comply with IEC1010 standards. POMONA ELECTRONICS, Pomona, CA. (909) 623-3463.

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