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Bandpass Filter Assembly Offers Sophistication

Containing 14, 7-pole, strip-line, Tchebyshev, hairpin resonator filters housed in a common package, the Merrimac 14-channel filter assembly has dimensions of 1.5" x 3" x 0.13" with weight of less than 1 oz. With six layers, no bonding films are used to minimize insertion-loss characteristics. The substrate material is Rogers Type 6002 and the conductive circuit patterns are printed on 1/2-oz., 99.99% pure copper. All interconnections into and out of the filters are made via 50 ohms, coplanar waveguide launches designed for thermal compression, wire bonding attachment. Gold-plated zones are used in the coplanar launch areas to facilitate bonding of the 0.001"- thick gold wire. Frequency range is 500 MHz to 6 GHz.

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