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Batteries Designed To Install Faster & Easier

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A new rack added to the Independence DDS VRLA batteries enables faster, simpler and less expensive installations. The batteries, which are said to deliver the highest power density available at 8000 Ah, are well suited for use in telecomm, UPS, utility and switch-gear applications. The new DDS rack has fewer components and a simpler design than the previous model, allowing for faster and easier installation, especially in tight locations. The rack pieces fit together in pre-drilled and pre-punched holes in almost any configuration required, enabling flexible configuration and installation of from two to six cells wide and two to 12 cells high. The rack is available with a top cover/power transition kit that allows for mounting of additional equipment or of standard size racks on top of the existing rack. Pricing for a DDS 40-07 begins at $240 each.

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