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Battery Holders/Snaps Exhibit High Retention

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A series of AA, AAA, C, D and N size battery holders and 9V battery holders and snaps have been built to eliminate retention problems in troublesome applications. The holders come with a choice of molded lips, covers and special materials, with high-retention phosphorous-bronze snaps and safety covers. They can be ordered in 1- to 10-cell configurations, stacked side by side or in-line, depending on the size and number of cells. Features include pre-fitted mounting holes, standard polyethylene, UL 94 VO material or stainless steel housing construction. Options include 150 mm lead wires, 4- or 6-prong snap terminals, tag (lug, solder) terminals, PC mounting pins, switches, and black, white or metal finishes. Snaps have lead wires of any desired length with straight or perpendicular lead wire attachments in crimp, rigid or solder style. Prices are available upon request, subject to individual specifications and quantities. As an example, a 4-cell AA battery holder, UL 94 V0 material, with molded lip is $0.45 each/1,000.

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