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BENCHTOP INSTRUMENTS- The new HP Basic Instruments (BI) Catalog is a 60-page blending of benchtop test and measurement product information and case studies. The information is also available at firm's website with easy-to-download datasheets, extensive application notes and customizable "how-to" scenarios. The catalog features four interwoven case studies, each of which focuses on a specific product measurement application: a timing system for Olympic luge races; telemetry units for petroleum exploration; a UPS applications; and packet and bit-error testing of a remote-control radio transceiver system. Each highlights the specific challenges that resident design engineers face daily and how they resolve them. Also detailed are a host of test and measurement products-from oscilloscopes, probes, logic analyzers, multimeters and data acquisition systems to counters, function generators, power supplies, multi-function portables and RF instruments.

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