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BGA Package Packs Array Of High Performance Terminators

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Telecomm equipment, portable computing and consumer electronics are among the application areas a new series of surface-mount termination arrays are in hot pursuit of. Based on tantalum nitride thin-film resistors, a high-purity alumina substrate, and eutectic solder bumps, the CHC series of BGA-style resistor networks is said to deliver reduced ground bounce, improved speeds, and more consistent propagation delays. The chip-scale termination arrays span power ratings of from 0.5W (0865 package) to 1.6W (1065 package) and also feature absolute TCRs to ±100 ppm/¡C, tracking TCRs to ±10 ppm¡C, tolerances to ±1%, and an operating temperature range of Ð40¡C to +85¡C. Typical pricing for CHC terminators is $0.75 each/10,000, with lead times running from eight to 10 weeks. INTERNATIONAL RESISTIVE CO., Advanced Film Div., Corpus Christi, TX. (361) 992-7900.

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