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Blowers Keep Systems Cool With Ambient Air

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Depending on model selected, the five-member Electra-Kool family of pressure blowers delivers from 60 to 1400 cfm of ambient air into enclosures to help keep the enclosures's electronic and electrical contents from overheating. The cast aluminum blowers are mounted on the outside of enclosures and are fitted with a two-stage, cleanable, easy-to-replace micronic filter system to trap dust particles and prevent them from entering the enclosure.
The blower systems are equipped with a digital thermometer to monitor inside and outside temperatures, a deflector plate to direct the cooling air towards hot spots, and louvered vent(s) to allow hot air to escape—the vents also act as an indicator of the air flow. Electra-Kool blower-equipped enclosures can also be pressurized to further prevent dust entry.

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