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Braided Jumper Cables Vie With Crimped Assemblies

Manufactured with RG-214 and RG-223 (RG-142) cables, these braided jumper cable assemblies feature soldered inner and outer conductors, injection molded boots for greater mechanical stability, and factory guaranteed specs for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor wireless uses. With operating frequencies ranging to 2.4 GHz, these IP-68 rated assemblies are available with BNC, SMA, TNC N and 7-16 connectors, in straight and right-angle configurations. VSWR ratings are 1.08:1 at 1 GHz and 1.12:1 at 2 GHz (with "N" male connectors). The new assemblies also boast of a tight bending radii and halogen-free flame retardent jackets per DIN VDE O819-107. Key applications include use for cellular and PCS base stations and general indoor and outdoor wireless systems.

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