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Broad IP Library Grows Its System-Level Offerings

Thirty new titles have joined Synopsys’ DesignWare System-Level Library. The new members of the Library include high-performance transaction-level models (TLMs) for PowerPC, MIPS, and DesignWare IP. DesignWare System-Level Library models significantly reduce the time to create virtual platforms and are written in SystemC to work in any IEEE 1666 (SystemC)-compliant simulation environment.

Virtual platforms are fast, full-function simulation models of hardware that enable development and integration of software months before hardware is available. Transaction-level models (TLMs) are the basic building blocks required to build virtual platforms for early software development, hardware/software co-design, architectural exploration and system verification. The DesignWare System-Level Library is the industry's most comprehensive portfolio of tool-independent, standards-based TLMs, a primary reason that IBM selected Synopsys for distribution of its SystemC-based PowerPC models.

The DesignWare System-Level Library now features more than 80 TLMs. New high-performance models of the PowerPC 405, 440, and 460, and MIPS 4Kc complement the library's existing models of ARM processors. In addition, TLMs for Synopsys' DesignWare PCI Express 2.0 and Gigabit Ethernet Media Access Controller (GMAC) join other DesignWare IP, such as USB 2.0 HS OTG, SATA, AHCI, and AMBA interconnect components, in the library. Several peripheral components include Virtual I/O capability, which allows communication over the host Ethernet or USB connection of the computer executing the virtual platform. Also included are pre-assembled models of complete PowerPC and MIPS 4Kc platforms which can be used as reference designs for driver development or as a starting point for building larger virtual platforms.

The new titles, including the instruction-accurate MIPS 4Kc and cycle- accurate PowerPC 405, 440, and 460 transaction-level models, are available now. The instruction-accurate PowerPC transaction-level models will be available in June.


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