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Broadband Testing Is Forte Of VXI Cards

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This new line of VXIbus optical instrumentation modules is designed to give telecomm engineers access to a complete broadband testing capability: from switching cards and attenuators to power meters and polarization measurement modules. The suite of eight, C-size, VXIbus broadband optical switch modules being introduced here are available in single- and double-slot widths and consist of 1260-84A/B, 1 x 4 models and 1260-88A/B, 1 x 8 models. Suitable for use on single mode optical fiber systems and applicable to other fiber types on request, the modules span a wavelength range of 1290 to 1570 nm. They also feature diffraction-limited collimating lenses for enhanced thermal stability and repeatability and have an insertion loss of 0.6 dB (typ.).

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