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Browser Accelerates Source Code Comprehension

This standalone desktop source code browser is one of eight new CodeRover applications that have been developed to enhance the productivity of individual software developers. The CodeRover browser captures relationships between source code entities in a personal database for C, C++ or Java languages. Integration with vi, emacs, Microsoft Visual Studio, or other common IDEs allows changes and additions to be made. The browser enables even novice developers to quickly understand a project, reducing the need to consult with others, and increasing personal productivity. At the heart of each CodeRover app is a comprehensive personal database built by automatically scanning the source code and capturing details describing all entities in a developerÕs project, including macros and implicit compiler-generated programming constructs. CodeRover browser is available for download at the company's Web site for an introductory price of $195. UPRISING SOFTWARE, Burlington, MA. (781) 359-3315.

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