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Brushless Torque Sensor Touts High Accuracy

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Particularly valuable for measuring torque on pulse tools with strong vibrations, this brushless rotary transducer can measure very low torque values—e.g., 3-4 oz.-in. The brushless transducer is said to be very accurate and to also excel in high rpm applications. Brushless technology offers reliability and ease of maintenance because there are no brushes to wear down and replace. The rotary transducers take this reliability a step further through an innovative broadband design that employs only one pair of coils to both supply power and measure torque. Model BLRTSX brushless rotary torque sensors span a torque detection range of from 10 oz.-in. all the way up to 738 lb.-ft. and maintain an accuracy of ± 0.2% of full scale over an operating range of 41°F to 122°F.

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