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Bus Switches First To Move To BGA Packaging

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An established line of bus switches is now available in ball grid array (BGA) packaging. The initial group of six parts includes the FST16211, FSTD16211, FSTUD16211, FST32211, FSTD32211 and the FSTUD32211, with more to follow. This latest advancement in bus switch technology is said to provide designers with the smallest high-bit-count packaging and the most reliable Undershoot Hardened Circuitry (UHC) technology available; it also offers them voltage translation options. The 16211 switches provide 24 bits of high-speed CMOS TTL-compatible bus switching, while the 32211 switches provide up to 48 bits. Due to the low switches' on-resistance, inputs can be connected to outputs without adding propagation delays or generating additional ground bounce noise. The FSTD and FSTUD parts have a diode to Vcc, which has been integrated into the circuits to allow for level shifting between 5V inputs and 3.3V outputs. Additionally, the FSTUD parts are configured with the A and B ports UHC protected to 2.0V below ground. The key benefit of all of these switches is the space savings of the new packaging. Pricing ranges from $2.16 to $3.80 each/1,000.

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