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Cabinet Gives Home To Lead-Acid Batteries

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This valve-regulated, lead-acid battery cabinet systems are for UPS applications. They are available with the firm's Phoenix line of VRLA batteries, terminal blocks, and all required accessories. All battery interconnections are pre-wired at the factory, permitting faster and easier installation in the field. The cabinet systems offer front-mounted termination for easy hookup and a removable rear panel for easy battery servicing. They are designed for parallel or series operation to meet a wide variety of power requirements, including for office and computer room environments. Keyed door locks are standard, with standard options including dc-rated fuses or dc-rated two-pole and three-pole circuit breakers. Four basic modules are available in 48 configurations ranging from 120V to 480V with dimensions of 40" long x 32" wide x 40" deep to 48" long x 32" wide x 72" deep.

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