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Cabinets Built To Handle Seismic Shocks

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A new line of SeismicReady heavy-duty cabinets is designed to meet Zone 4 shock and vibration standards, handle dense equipment loads and meet EMI/EMC standards. The cabinets utilize a 7-gauge steel fabricated and welded base with 11-gauge rails and have heavy-duty, double-wall extrusion with internal corner keys crimped and welded in place, welded corner sockets and corner members, heavy-duty front-to-back stiffeners and crossing bracing for seismic survival. The cabinets come with fans, blowers and A/C units for heat removal; tailored cable management systems that accommode rear or side cabinet entry; hard mounting to floor capability; ceiling or wall bracing; rail design utilizing 10 to 32 tapped holes or standard EIA punched hole patterns; and L, U, or M rail configurations. Ten-gauge steel can be used for heavy-duty applications. Cabinets can be equipped with electrical plug strips, Buss bars and power distribution boxes. OPTIMA ELECTRONIC PACKAGING SYSTEMS, Tucker, GA. (860) 676-8338.

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