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Cable Assemblies Match Teradyne's VHDM Connectors

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In a license agreement with Teradyne, Gore will supply high-performance cable assemblies that mate with Teradyne's 6-row and 8-row VHDM connectors based on a 2 x 2.25 mm pitch. With modular construction for differential and single-ended transmission, the VHDM design is said to provide optimum signal fidelity in high data rate, high density telecomm, datacomm and networking applications. Low signal-to-signal skew, minimum crosstalk and controlled impedance are used in the assembly design for maximum signal integrity. Test run at Gore's High Data Rate Signal Transmission Laboratory reportedly consistently show less than 2 ps per foot of signal-to-signal skew. This balanced signal transmission ensures excellent switching and EMI performance. Laboratory data rates exceed 2 Gb/s.

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