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Cable Can Transmit Data In Critical Situations

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A new medical information bus (MIB) interconnect cable has been designed for use in critical situations. The MIB has a flame retardant jacket, meets IEEE 1073.4.1 standards, and is said to transmit signals clearly and reliably. The cable is touted for its superior extension and retractile characteristics typically needed in medical, aerospace and other sensitive environments. Six conductors are included on the cable: one 28 AWG twisted pair with two data signal lines, a second 24 AWG twisted pair with two power conductors, and two individual 24 AWG for unique function signal lines. All conductors are insulated with a dielectric material to ensure dependable performance. The MIB cable's 28 AWG drain wire facilitates termination to the back shells of the cable connectors. And its jacket is designed to withstand repeated cord extensions, maintain retractability, and act as an environmental barrier. WHITNEY BLAKE CO., Bellow Falls, VT. (802) 463-9558.

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