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Cable Line Suits High-Voltage Apps

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The Quiet Line cable is a continuously extruded, distributed loss, low-pass filter line for high-voltage applications. These flexible cables offer RF power attenuation and can be spliced onto an existing high-voltage lead assembly or supplied as an entire high-voltage lead assembly. The cable is available with or without a silicone rubber coating. This continuous thin wall coating is applied over the FEP or PFA jacket and allows the user to achieve a superior dielectric bond when potting or encapsulating with a compatible silicone material. A variety of loss core diameters provide a broad range of rated voltages and RF insertion loss characteristics. Available in both shielded and non-shielded versions, the Quiet Line operates at temperatures ranging from -55_C to 125_C at a 70,000' altitude. Custom configurations are possible. REYNOLDS INDUSTRIES INC., Los Angeles, CA. (310) 823-5491.

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