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Cable Network & Interference Emulator Simplifies Equipment Testing

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Claimed as the first product of its kind to emulate critical hybrid fiber/coax (HFC) cable network impairments in a controllable laboratory instrument, the TAS 8250 Cable Network & Interference Emulator is suited for evaluating the transmission of performance of cable modems, cable modem termination systems, set-top boxes, HDTV equipment, and IP telephony products.
The product emulates both upstream (5-42 MHz) and downstream (50-860 MHz) HFC channel characteristics in a single, integrated instrument. Impairments emulated include amplitude tilt, intermodulation distortion, group delay distortion, noise, and interference. These impairments can be emulated independently to isolate the effect of a particular impairment on a product's performance or simultaneously to evaluate product performance in a real-world environment. A built-in diplex filter combines the upstream and downstream channels from the CMTS into a single interface.

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