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Cable Pair Twist Technology Takes Aim At Gigabit Applications

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Designed to provide Next Generation copper cabling solutions for gigabit applications, Giga-Channel components employ a technology, called Giga-TX Technology, that is said to preserve cable conductor pair twists in new modular jacks and plugs. Giga-Channel boasts of performance that reportedly exceeds the proposed Category 6 connector and channel specification when used with Next Generation cables and supports multi-disturber gigabit data rate transmission schemes, such as Gigabit Ethernet.Giga-Channel components include: the Mini-Jack modular jack with Giga-TX technology; Patch Cords constructed with Next Generation patch cable and enhanced Giga-TX technology modular plugs; and Modular Patch Panels featuring Mini-Jack modular jacks. All Giga-Channel components are fully compatible with the firm's MINI-COM System.

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