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Cable Testers Stand Alone

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These lightweight, portable, battery/ac-powered cable and harness testers are designed for use by PC manufacturers, cable manufacturers, system integrators, and quality assurance and depot repair facilities. The Model 204 portable, standalone tester can be used for testing most popular PC data and network cables. The Model 205 portable, standalone cable/harness tester can be used for testing any type of wired assembly with up to 128 points. A universal connector card is designed to accept up to 28 of the most commonly used cable connectors. The user-configurable connector card allows the user to easily mix/match connector types and plugs into the tester with two 96-pin DIN connectors. Weighing 1.75 lb. and measuring 9.75 x 1.5" x 6", the Model 204 tester is priced at $169 and the 6 lb., 13.8" x 9" x 2.1" Model 205 costs $895.

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