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CAD Upgrade Helps Users Improve Product Maintenance

Version 3.2 of the Seemage CAD platform enhances the software’s ability to create rich product deliverables used in core business functions, including engineering, customer service, marketing, and sales. The update includes the new Path Planner module, which lets users study the accessibility and serviceability of products. Path Planner improves product maintenance and usability because users can quickly and easily analyze existing and new maintenance procedures using product design data. Seemage’s direct association to the 3D design information delivers new levels of accuracy and usability to critical maintenance processes, reducing cost and improving time-to-market.

In addition to the Path Planner, Seemage 3.2 offers the ability to manage product structures, assembly trees, features to permit locking of user events, and customization of animation frames. For example, the new fine-grained control of product animations allows the Seemage system to deliver vast improvements in the service, support, and marketing documentation functions for product development companies.


Seemage Version 3.2 is available now and can be downloaded from the company’s Web site.


Check with the company for pricing.


Visit www.seemage.com

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