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Calibrators Offer 1.1-GHz Option

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The company has expanded the calibration capabilities of its 5520A Multi-Product Calibrator to accommodate oscilloscope bandwidths up to 1.1 GHz with the 5520A-SC1100 plug-in module. Oscilloscope calibration functions are accessed by selecting scope-mode on the front panel of the calibrator. All outputs are located on the front panel of the calibrator, easing hookups and minimizing errors contributed by cabling. No external pulse heads are required.
Oscilloscope calibration functions include: voltage source; edge source, including a variable 300-ps fast edge with low aberrations; time marks in pulsed sawtooth, square, 20% pulse and sine wave forms from 5s to 1 ns with 2.5 ppm frequency stability and low jitter; input resistance, capacitance and overload testing; waveform generator with square, sine, and triangle waveforms; TV trigger for NTSC, SECAM, PAL, PAL-M with line marker; external trigger output for time marks, fast edges, voltage, and pulse modes; pulse generator with variable width and period; and an external clock reference. The option has a list price of $12,995. It can also be ordered in a new instrument for $29,995.

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