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Calibre xACT 3D Uses 3D Field Solver Technology

Calibre xACT 3D Uses 3D Field Solver Technology


Mentor Graphics' Calibre xACT 3D product is a complete extraction solution. It features high performance parasitic RC extraction utilizing deterministic field solver combined plus traditional, rule-based production extraction to deliver high accuracy as well a high performance. Extraction accuracy is a growing problem at advanced nodes with designers needing extraction accuracy in the 3% range. This deterministic field solver provides high accuracy needed for ICs manufactured at 28nm and smaller nodes.

Calibre xACT 3D features a deterministic field solver that accurately calculates parasitic effects at speeds up to an order of magnitude faster than existing field solvers. Also, Calibre xACT 3D implementation scales linearly allowing developers to take advantage of multiple CPUs. The tool accurately and efficiently models advanced process effects and process variation, and handles both flat and hierarchical designs for full chips, or selected blocks and nets.In contrast to other field solvers that use Monte-Carlo based methods, the Calibre xACT 3D engine employs deterministic techniques that produce consistent results for total and coupling capacitances without the statistical outliers that can be a problem with Monte Carlo approaches. It performs device decomposition, geometry pre-processing, parasitic modeling, reduction and net-listing steps, making it completely compatible with existing verification and simulation flows.

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