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Camera Integrates Modem For Instant Image Transfers

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For users who need to immediately transfer digital images over the Internet, the PDC 640 modem camera delivers 640 x 480 images to web recipients via a built-in, 56.6K modem. Similar in operation to a standard VGA camera, the new unit stores images on a CompactFlash card. Modem operation is provided by a service called CeivaNet, which allows unlimited image uploads for an annual subscription fee.
In order to use the modem, the camera must first be registered at the company’s website. Camera features include multiple resolution modes, 2 MB of internal memory, a 1.8” LCD monitor, an optical viewfinder, three flash modes, and a self-timer. The camera is priced at $249.99 and the CeivaNet service subscription fee is $5/month.

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