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Capacitance Meter Specializes In Taking Low ESR Measurements

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Optimized for high-speed testing and low ESR measurements on tantalum and other types of capacitors, the 1930 capacitance meter features a fast settle time and quick recovery from open or shorted devices, making it especially well-suited for production testing of large capacitors. Making extensive use of SMT components and limited internal cabling, the hi-rel unit can take measurements on 15 impedance parameters and boasts of 0.1% accuracy, test frequencies to 100 kHz, high throughput sequential testing, and monitoring of ac or dc current and voltage to the device under test. The meter includes IEEE-488, RS-232 and handler interfaces, all standard. Other features include setup storage of 30 test programs, load correction, constant voltage mode, and dc voltage bias. Price: $4,995. QUADTECH INC., Maynard, MA. (800) 253-1230.

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