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Card Simulates Transducers In VME & VXI Systems

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Available in commercial (0°C to 70°C) and military (-55°C to 85°C) versions, Model 6906 single-slot cards incorporate up to six isolated programmable resistor output channels to simulate resistive transducers in real-time. Said to represent the first VME-based and programmable VXI-based cards for simulating multiple resistive transducers with mixed configurations (i.e., different transducers with different values), the units are said to provide a true resistor output value on all six transducer channels, making it easier for users to program and vary the values required by a transducer in an application. Other features of the cards include: built-in self-test capability that disconnects the outputs and programs resistance values to check system-wide performance; 12-bit resolution; and isolated outputs. They also require 5 and 12 vdc supplies and need no adjustment or trimming.

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