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On-Chip System Self-Tests And Repairs Embedded Memory

Lower costs and higher yielding system-on-a-chip (SoC) devices that contain embedded memory are promised with the Self-Test and Repair (STAR) Memory System. The system enables the complete embedded memory test and repair function to be included on-chip.The first implementation of the system involves the company's self-testable and repairable SRAM embedded memories. The memories are designed for SoCs requiring a flexible way to assemble a number of memories totaling up to 4 MB for a single instance. Because intelligence has been built into the chip itself, there is no need for expensive external testers or laser equipment. Through self-repair and redundancy allocation algorithms, the STAR processor quickly tests and repairs the memories. The repair data or signature is then stored in a fuse box or register on-chip and can be executed at wafer sort or at system power-on. This system for self-testing and repairing embedded memory is priced starting at $170,000.

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