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Chipset Drives DDR3 Modules

Chipset Drives DDR3 Modules

Providing reliable power to DDR3 memory modules, the IR3522 dual output PWM controller with I2C interface handles control chores for both the DDR3 VDDQ and Vtt rails and pairs up with any number of IR3506 phase ICs to drive as many phases necessary to power any number of DDR3 DIMMS. As per the company, the IR3522/IR3506 chipset enables accurate tracking with the additional flexibility of margining between the VDDQ and Vtt outputs through the I2C interface. The IR3522’s four I2C addresses are selectable using two ADDR pins while four different VREF1 voltages are selectable using two VID pins if I2C communication is not available. The IR3522 also packs protection features including over-current, over-voltage, open-remote sense, and open control. The IR3506 features 7V/2A gate drivers (4A GATEL sink current) and supports loss-less inductor current sensing. The device also includes a soft-stop turnoff to ensure VDDR and Vtt tracking. Additionally, it offers over-current protection during PSI assertion mode operation, integrated bootstrap synchronous PFET, a debugging function, self-calibration of the PWM ramp, current-sense and current-share amplifiers, and single-wire bidirectional average current sharing. Prices for the IR3522TRPBF and IR3506TRPBF start at $1.90 and $0.90 each/10,000, respectively. For more details, contact Sian Cummings at International Rectifier Corp., El Segundo CA. (310) 252-7148.
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