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Circuit Simulation Tool's Performance Boosted

Designed with the speed and capacity required to address the needs of mixed-signal and RF IC designers, version 6.0 ofT-Spice Pro, an integrated circuit design capture, simulation and data viewing system for Windows NT/95/98 and UNIX platforms, has added new optimization options, remote simulation over a network, parameter sweeping, more flexible behavorial modeling, and advanced post-processing support. Using advanced numerical techniques, the program is able to quickly analyze complex ICs with no loss in accuracy. In cases where accuracy requirements can be relaxed, simulation speed improvements are reported to be by a factor of ten to fifty.The software's integrated design environment is easy to learn and provides graphical capabilities to streamline the design process. A schematic symbol browser provides quick access to components contained in the schematic libraries. The latest MOSFET model parameters are included, as well as full support for advanced parasitic models and automatic size-based model selection.

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