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Circular Connectors Are Easily Installable In The Field

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Assembly time that's said to be half that of competing types is offered by the compact CR Series of field-installable circular connectors. The connector's design requires fewer individual parts than many others of its type, which significantly reduces costs and efforts spent on wiring. They're suited for factory automation, measurement, control and regulatory applications. An insulation-displacement technique eliminates the need for stripping, soldering, screw tightening or crimping of individual wires. Users assemble the connectors by simply inserting three leads and the ground lead into the compact housing and pressing in the insulation-displacement contacts with pliers. The units accommodate jacketed cable from 5 mm to 11 mm O.D. and wire sizes of 18 to 20 AWG. They're rated to handle operating voltages up to 250V and currents up to 8A.

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