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Class D Audio Amp Lengthens Battery Life

The AAT5101 2.5-W Class D audio amplifier extends battery life in portable applications by combining low-voltage operation and low quiescent and standby currents. The mono power amplifier operates across a wide 2.1- to 5.5-V supply range, making it well-suited for systems using next-generation low-voltage Li-ion/polymer batteries. To further extend battery life, the amplifier delivers up to 92% efficiency and offers a very low 0.06-µA shutdown current and 1.35-mA quiescent current. Outputs are 1.35 W and THD+N less than 1% with an 8-? load and 2.5 W and THD+N less than 10% with a 4-? load. The amplifier’s low-noise, filterless PWM architecture simplifies system design by eliminating the output filter, reducing external component count and system cost. To ensure clean sound across the entire audio output range, the AAT5101 delivers 0.12% THD+N at 5 V with an 8-O load and output power of 1.0 W. Power-supply rejection ratio is ?60 dB typical, while SNR is 91 dB typical. The AAT5101 is qualified across the ?40°C to 85°C temperature range. The new audio amplifier is available in compact 9-pin wafer-level chip scale packaging and sells for $0.28 in quantities of 1000. ADVANCED ANALOGIC TECHNOLOGIES INC., Santa Clara, CA. (408) 737-4600.


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